Why is there no 'create account' button?

I didn't want to create all the create account, forgot password, reset password functionality. So to make my life a bit easier I just integrated all those 'login via a 3rd party webpage' buttons.

How is search working?

Search has a local and a server mode. While typing (until you hit enter) search looks only in the currently visible list of links and all available tags, this is called local mode. After hitting enter the server mode is activated and thus all links are searched.

Server mode offers * and ? as regular wildcards. Local mode always searchs with leading and trailing *.

On server mode start with `tags:`, `url:`, `notes:`, `rss:` or `title:` to search just this field. Otherwise a search will look into all fields.
You can also use the `host:` to search for a host name or `rhost:` to search for a host but in reverse order, so would be de.oglimmer.www. As your search cannot start with a * you have to use `rhost:de.oglimmer*` to search for all links in any domain.

How is import/export working?

Export: after hitting the export button, the system generates a HTML file in the format of `NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1` into the field `NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1`. Copy the content from this field into a file new file called `Bookmarks.html`. Use this file to import your bookmarks into any browser.

Import: You probably need to start with an export of your bookmarks from your current browser. For Chrome see here, Firefox see here, Safari go to menu `File` -> `Export Bookmarks`. Open the generated HTML file with an editor of your choice. Copy the content into the field `NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1`. Use `Tag Prefix` to prefix all imported tags, so you can easily differentiate your imported tags from existing ones. Use `Root node for tags` to specify the root node for your imported tags.

Why have tags different colors in the tags hierarchy?

Linky uses 3 different colors for tags as they can fall into 3 different types: (1) System tags are red, (2) user created tags with no associated links are green and (3) user created tags with attached links are black.

System tags are:
  • all
  • archive
  • broken
  • due
  • duedate
  • duplicate
  • locked
  • portal
  • root
  • rss
  • untagged
  • urlupdated

all: shows always all links added to the system by you. You cannot remove this tag.

archive: shows always all archives.

broken: shows all links failing a nightly http get validation.

due: shows all due links. When a link has a tag in the format yyyy-mm-dd it will get the duedate tag and starting this date, the system will add due.

duedate: shows all links having a tag in going by the format yyyy-mm-dd.

duplicate: shows all links having a link url assigned which is assigned to another link as well.

locked: use this tag to remove a link from the nightly validation. All links on non public urls should have, otherwise linky constantly marks your link as broken or changes it to something like the intranet login page.

portal: tag initially selected, so all tags with this tag are on your portal.

root: system internal tag. Defines the root node of the tag hierarchy. You must not use this.

rss: shows all links having an associated RSS url

untagged: shows all links where you didn't specify any tag when adding. Keep in mind that the system added 'all' and 'untagged' during the initial creation process.

urlupdated: shows all links which were updated during the nightly http get validation, as the response resulted in a 3** http result code and therefore linky stored the new final url.

What are those 2 cookies you store?

vistorToken: Lifetime: 1 year. id to identify your last used oauth provider. So we can automatically redirect you them and re-login is transparent to you.

authToken: Lifetime: session. JWT style authorization token. The payload contains only your user-id within this system, next to iat and exp.
When logged in, you can see here all personal information we have stored about you.

Known limitations

  • When clicking on a RSS line item it doesn't get removed as a `new` item.

Where can I file a bug?

As this project is hosted on, please use Issues there. Rather like to talk to me? Email: oglimmer {at}

How can I delete my account?

If you are logged in, you can press a button here and we delete everything we've stored about you.

A note about account deletion: (A) While we do delete all information in our active database, we cannot simply delete your information on our offline backups. Those backups have a retention time of 1 month. (B) The data backend of this system is a CouchDB (3) and thus data deletion has some limitations, see here.

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